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Thursday, 3 April 2014

How to increase your income as a teacher.

As a teacher who serves in government school, our salary increases annually and bonus is given sometimes. The fact is, with the soaring living cost that we have nowadays, we barely can save much money at the end of the month. Here are some tips to increase your income as a teacher.

1. Giving Tuition

Thanks to those "Kiashu" parents, teachers have the opportunity to give private tuition class to their children after school. Teaching is our profession and giving tuition is the best way to increase our income. If your teaching skills are good, you won't have to worry about the customers. Depend on the number of pupils and the classes that you have, giving tuition can increase about 30 - 40% of your salary. Of cause, there are some exceptional case where some of the tuition teachers can earn up to 5-digit income per month.

2. Selling things online

You definitely can see this in certain groups of teacher created in FB. Pictures are posted in FB groups to promote their products. What surprises me is they receive good responds from the users. When I was attending certain course in the afternoon, a teacher caught my attention. She was busy filling courier forms, at least dozens of them. She told me that she was selling healthy products online. She had to fill up the forms to post her products by courier. I am not sure how much she can earn but selling things online is another way to increase your income.

3. Writing a book

It sounds tough but it is not as tough as you think. People always start it with blogging. Nowadays, teachers like to share their things online and you can find tonnes of great and creative ideas of teaching in the internet. These ideas can be published in books once it reaches certain amount. The publishers might spotted your blog someday and make you an author. If you start blogging today and write something daily, you will can get 365 posts after one year. Sounds easy now, right?

4. Investing

Investing means you use your money to earn more money but it is risky. Hence, we have to spend time to do a lot of studies as it requires accurate information and knowledge of every industry. Teachers have the most holidays in a year. We can spend the holidays wisely to do some researches of the field that you wish to invest in. Stocks, Properties, Forex and so on. As it is mentioned early, investing is a HIGH-RISK activity. Do think before you leap.

Tips provided here are aimed to help teachers to reduce their economic burden. We should bear in mind that all the things mentioned above must not affect our responsibility as a teacher to complete our daily tasks in the school. As what had been told by my lecturer, if you want to be rich, don't become a teacher

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  1. Interesting post. Do you have subject popularity statistic that primary student or their parent wanted their child to go for?